Jigsawdio Recordable Puzzles

Jigsawdio Product Demonstration

Backed By Federal Research Funding

“Dementia makes me forget a little bit more each and every day. Jigsawdio saves my memories and experiences for all my tomorrows.”

Steve, Jigsawdio Research Study Participant Living With Dementia

Tenets of the jigsawdio Platform

Jigsawdio Selected for AgeTech Collaborative from AARP!

Jigsawdio has been accepted into the @AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP accelerator program, an 8-week program designed to elevate promising early-stage AgeTech startups. Learn more at https://agetechcollaborative.org/startups

Jigsawdio Sponsored By NIA to Attend ACHA Convention!

Jigsawdio has been sponsored by the National Institute of Aging to attend the AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo this October in Denver!

We are excited to demonstrate how our Multisensory Therapy Device for the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Population can provide tangible benefits for patients and caregivers!

Jigsawdio Debuts at ViVE 2023!

Jigsawdio made its world debut at the 2023 ViVE Digital Health Conference in Nashville. Our $500k National Institute of Health STTR Grant winning audio-visual activity device for the Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia population was on display. We received so much amazing feedback from Digital Health Leaders from around the world!

Indiana University Researchers Commence Study With Jigsawdio Puzzles

Our research team has commenced the Phase 1 study to determine benefits of the Jigsawdio Frame for those living with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia.

Jigsawdio iOS App Now Available!

The Jigsawdio iOS App automates the creation of custom image templates and optimization of sound recordings that will be assigned to NFC tags to be placed on six sound puzzle pieces. Our App will be used to create a unique and personal experience for our Phase 1 STTR study participants living with Alzheimer’s Disease. See the brief video below to see how our App works!

Your puzzle tells your story

Create beautiful acrylic puzzles that narrate life stories that can passed down to future generations.

Dreamed up and Designed in North Carolina

Jigsawdio consists of two main components - the Jigsawdio Frame and custom image acrylic puzzles.

The Jigsawdio Frame is designed to be displayed like a picture frame in your home. It contains a system of electronic sensors that will play your custom sounds when the correct puzzle piece is placed on six locations. The Frame will have a memory card that can store audio files for up to 100 puzzles and seamlessly transfers sounds (without internet or bluetooth connection) when a new puzzle is placed on the board.

How Does It Work?

Your images and collages will be captured on high-quality puzzles made from durable acrylic. Each 12, 24 or 36-piece puzzles are 8” by 12” in size and have unique identification tags on of the 6 puzzle pieces that sends a signal to the puzzle frame to play the unique sound for the puzzle that you are playing.

How Do I Get A Jigsawdio Puzzle Frame?

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Researchers from Indiana University are concluding the our National Institute of Heath funded study this fall of 2023. We intend to submit for our National Institute of Health Phase 2 STTR Grant in January 2024.